Monday, October 22, 2012

School News October 22-26

                          School News: Click here to view!
  • To all students of Media Crew for putting together first UAG School News Broadcast! 
  • To Ms. Hunter's Advisory for reading the most amount of books for any other advisory in the first month SSR Competition!


  • Student Government Speech Reminder – all students must submit speeches to Perkins/Cooper to be approved before campaigning.  Speeches will be at the Core Values Ceremony!  
  •  Locker Contract Reminders – both partners must bring in signed contracts before receiving lockers 
  • Halls must be clear as of 2:25pm:  Either to GOLD, Chill (Cafeteria), Quiet Focus (730)
  • Students are not allowed to leave the building and come back for clubs

Volunteering @ UAG


Upcoming at UAG!

Mon 10/22+ Tue 10/23:  Pre-Basketball Tryouts Weight Training in Room 207
Tue 10/23:  PSAL Girls Basketball Tryouts, gym at 3:35pm
Tue 10/23:  UAG School Leadership Team Meeting 5-6pm
Tue 10/23:  UAG Admissions Open House 6-7pm - Sign up to Volunteer
Wed 10/24: Art Institute Presentation @ Lunch, Rm 746
Wed 10/24:  PSAL Boys Basketball Tryouts, gym at 3:35
Thurs, 10/25:  Goldman Sachs Special Meeting, Lunch: 745 (9th Grade)
Thurs & Fri 10/25-26:  Parent Teacher Conferences, 5:30-7pm
Fri 10/26: Early Dismissal at 11:43am (Parent Teacher Conferences 1-3pm)
Students must leave building before conferences start: can re-enter with parents
Fri 11/2:  Core Values Award Ceremony/Student Government Elections

Student Opportunities

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