Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School News June 18-22

UAG College Tours Wave 2!

UAG College Tours Wave 2 are in process - congrats to all who came to our NYU tour (above), and make sure your name is on the list!  Please note that due to limited space on each tour, if you have signed up, you must attend or are taking the place of someone who wanted to go.

NYU Manhattan 6/20:  Sunil Anirudh, Kylan Barrajanos Powe, Kyuho Choi, Wesley DaSilva, Michael Delaigle, Gary Gonzalez, Omar Lebron, Ariel Martinez, Jason Reed, Kristian Rodriguez, Michael Ruddock, Danissa Santos, Tasnia Shah

NYU Polytechnic 6/22 (arrive at UAG at 8:30am)  Oumy Badiane, Venitia Boyce, Nick Bravo, Devonte Carter, Riadul Choudhury, Wesley DaSilva, Michael Gonzalez, Dayvon Grier, Devonte Hale, Ryan Jacobson, Juan Munoz, Sarahi Reyes, Michael Ruddock, RJ Tor, Arthur Tyce, Anthony Vera, Daniel Young

Columbia University 6/22 (arrive at UAG at 1pm)  Elena Acosta, Oumy Badiane, Kylan Barrajanos Powe, Nick Bravo, Ariel Brown,  Riadul Choudhury, Wesley DaSilva, Michael Delaigle, Michael Espinosa, Kaniz Fahmida,  Joshua Maddox, Dexter Manswell,  Jason Reed, Danissa Santos, Tasnia Shah, Malik Shaw, Stephanie Velazquez

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